Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mind Mapping (Clustering) For Elements of Art Journaling

I started this mind map directly in my journal, but soon found that I was annoyed with trying to predict where the balloons should go. I know. I know. That's way too brain-centered for a heart activity like art, but... That's where I am today.

I suspect that this will be my most difficult of the elements. I just don't feel my heart sing at the word 'Earth' the way it does for 'Water' or 'Fire'. When I thought about Earth, I asked myself what was my favorite thing about the earth. That's easy. The water. Ooops! Wrong element (for now). That said, I gave it a go. And it went to some very strange places...


  1. Excellent Estonia! I love it!
    Nothing wrong with strange in my book. ;)

  2. Thanx, Scatter.
    Even looking at it and seeing the logic literally laid out in front of me, some of the leaf nodes still inspire me to make weird faces and ask myself how I got from earth to That. LOL!