Monday, August 15, 2011

Elements of Art Journaling: Fire, the Playlist

The writing part of the Fire assignment was to think of an emotion that burns in us, follow that to what it's telling us to do, and then think about how we would need to feel to take that step. Once the feeling was identified, we were to create a playlist of songs about an hour long to be the soundtrack for creating our abstract-art representations of that feeling.

I went round and round with myself on whether these songs really represented the inner feeling I would need to have to get my butt in motion, or if they were just songs I like to belt out when no one is around. I'm still not sure.

Here's my playlist:


  1. Love your playlist; lots of my faves on there!

  2. Thanx!

    I've been listening to it in the car ever since this assignment. I just can't get over how ME it is. LOL!