Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Accomplishments: A Todo List Becomes An Art Project

I'm working my way through Goddess Leonie's "Goddess Year" PDF. It's a nice workbook with lots of questions and activities to wrap up the year and start a new one. One of the activities was to put the year's goals into a notebook of sorts.

I looked through my stuff and despite having more paper than any three people should ever own, I didn't have anything that said "use me for lists." I was just about to start creating my own notebook out of paper on hand when I noticed some unused Circa accessories. (Circa is Levenger's version of Rollabind.)

I took four plastic pages with index-card pockets and connected them with disks. I didn't like the cardstock covers they had included for inside the plastic covers, so I covered them in gesso and went to town on them.

Here's the result.

The covers (hazy cuz they're under translucent plastic covers).

One of the pocket pages.

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