Friday, January 20, 2012

Life Book: Goddess Qualities Spread - Part 2

When we last saw our heroine, she had just added an arm to her creation...

My first thought upon seeing her when I walked into the studio the next morning was, "Oops! I gave her my arm, not a scrawny model arm." I stared at it a long time and finally decided that replacing her arm was more work than I wanted to do.

I also didn't want to add a background. It just felt complete as it was. I felt like anything I added was more likely to ruin the spread than add to it. Similarly, I was struggling with how to add the list of qualities on the flap without throwing the whole out of balance. I settled on staying very simple and wrote them by hand in a hand-drawn frame over the arm. As a bonus, it also makes the fat arm a bit less noticeable. :)

All finished!

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