Sunday, January 29, 2012

Life Book: Opposites

For this assignment, we explored opposing qualities within ourselves. Officially, we were to draw two goddesses, each representing a quality or set of qualities, for example a sun goddess and a moon goddess. However, I've never been into the goddess thing, and I didn't like any of the poses I came up with for a pair of figures. After much back-burner bubbling, I came up with the idea of splitting a single figure down the middle with half representing logic and the other half art. Very me.

The art part of the assignment was to work with hatching and cross hatching on the figures and to do a frame with a shaving-cream marbling technique. I mostly struggled with the hatching, since I've never been very good at pen and ink. It was fun to pull out the shaving cream and stamp-pad reinkers for the marbling. I haven't done that technique in over 10 years. Oddly, I still have the same can of shaving cream in my supply drawer.

I resisted the urge to add color to the figure. Figured I should do at least Some of what I was told. LOL!


  1. The asymmetry is very striking here with the androgyny of the left and the feminine lines of the right. Lovely!

  2. Interesting. Hadn't thought of it in terms of the gender spectrum, but it definitely seems to fit.

    I may do it again - or just scan this one - and add color to the figure. In my mind, I saw the one side with magenta hair, makeup, bright clothes, maybe a tattoo and the other side in solid-colored clothing with mousy brown hair. I would have done it to this one, but I really liked the effect of the black and white figures in the video lesson.

  3. Very cool image! I love the simplicity of the lines, and the embellishment of the frame!

  4. Thanx! The shaving cream marbling was definitely a walk down memory lane. :)