Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Studio Tour

This is my studio. You could pretty much burn the rest of the house down, and it would be annoying, but I wouldn't cry over any of it. This room, however, is where my heart lives.

The view from the doorway is dominated by the giant table. It's actually a cutting table with a rotary-cutter mat. I flip the cutting mat over for messy crafts.

This is the wall with the door in it. I took out  the closet doors and put my Ikea Ivar shelves in there. The left side is mostly magazines in plastic storage containers, stored two deep. I can only imagine what that section of shelving weighs. LOL!

Rotating to the right another 90 degrees... The giant printer, the computer, the stereo, the sewing machine, and the weird corner window.

The wall across from the door... The bookcase, stamp drawers, and little TV/DVD. Tall, weird stuff is tucked into the gap in the corner.

And the last wall... I got these two file cabinets when the company before last folded out from under me. I think about painting them all the time. Thinking about how hard it would be to empty them and get them out of the room stops those thoughts in their tracks. :)

That's my little world. Hope you enjoyed your visit.


  1. Oh I love how organized this is - a creative after my own heart! I want to sneak peaks in all those drawers :)

  2. Yeah. I'm one of those natural-born organizers. I love having places for everything and starting with everything cleaned up and put away. It clears my head like nothing else.

  3. Oh wow. I have table envy. My desk is so small. Beautiful, well organized space.

  4. Wow what a wonderful organised studio ! I love those drawers !! (your latest follower)

  5. The room is 12.5' x 13.5'. It's supposed to be the master bedroom, but I just couldn't waste all that nice space on sleeping.